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Net::PSYC with support for TCP, UDP,, IO::Select and Gtk2 event loops.

git2psyc - report changes to a git repository into a developer chatroom psycauth - authenticate something with your PSYC identity psyccmd - remote control psycmp3 and whatever wants to be controlled psycfilemonitor - notify changes to the file system in realtime psycion - amazing console psyc client! psycmail - report incoming emails to the recipient psycmp3 - console mp3 player with PSYC notification and remote control psycmsg - send a message to a PSYC recipient psycnotify - send presence notification from the command line psycsyncd - interfaces PSYC SYNC protocol to DBI (SQL databases etc) syslog2psyc - daemon that receives events from syslog and forwards to PSYC remotor - control console for Tor routers that can notify into PSYC

contrib area includes a notification plugin for MovableType blogs.

perldoc documentation inside the module. try `perldoc lib/perl5/Net/` from here.

The commands all provide for usage information when you try to use them. Just try to.

irssi-psyc, the psyc implementation for irssi, is not provided here. get it from *

torify git clone git://cheettyiapsyciew.onion/perlpsyc or git clone git://

If you're a lucky owner of a Gentoo system, emerge Net-PSYC from 's overlay.

Questions? ask psyc:// or psyc://

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=== 2016-06-12 === Net::PSYC 1.0 ===

The perlpsyc implementation has proven stable for years. The development of remotor has shown how powerful, reliable and easy to use it is. A bump up of the version to 1.0 was overdue, although the code is unchanged.

=== 2016-06-12 === New tool remoTor ===

Hi there. Here's a fine new little console-based perl script that lets you control your Tor, monitor circuits as they happen, issue commands like changing your identity etc, and forward critical events to a chatroom using the PSYC protocol.

I found vidalia too heavy and arm too confusing and didn't see a simple tool that would leverage the Tor control protocol without excessive nuisances, just a bit of noise reduction and text coloring. Also I like notifications to show in my chat client.

The notification feature works with a psyced running on the same host. I just committed a "remotor" chatroom which is preset to receive messages from the tool, all you need to do is install psyced and use your IRC client to join #remotor.

For a quick little glimpse into the perl script, click

If anyone is interested, I can easily add the ability to control the Tor node from the chatroom.